Healthcare Provider Relationship


Your health care provider should be asking you about falls, thus doing a falls screening, at every annual visit. The American Geriatrics Society along with the British Geriatric Society release guidelines on how a falls screening should be done. You can click HERE for an outline of it, which also includes some of the questions you will be asked.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) (P.L.111-148) created a new Medicare preventive benefit, commonly called the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit. This preventive visit is designed to allow patients to meet with their physicians about their health goals, rather than to just discuss what is currently aiing them, and includes a personal prevention plan and specific information and questions about falls risk components. Specific inclusion of falls risk screenings and assessments are in the required elements of the Welcome to Medicare examination (Initial Preventive Physical Exam/IPPE).