What If You Fall?

Not all falls can be prevented.

With planning, however, you can have some things in place to reduce the severity of an injury if you do fall.

  • Be ready to get EMERGENCY HELP when needed
  • Have a personal alert system if possible
  • Have telephones (cell phones, hand-held phone) accessible in all areas of the house.
  • Have emergency numbers (9-1-1, personal physician, emergency contact name) on or near all phones.
  • Have your address and directions beside each phone so that someone other than you can give directions if necessary.
  • Make sure your house number is highly visible from the road.
  • Have a “daily check” system in place with a friend or neighbor.
  • If you feel yourself falling, drop anything in your hands and use your hands to break your fall.
  • After a fall, try to assess your situation before moving to prevent further injury to any affected parts.
  • If you are injured, or unable to get up on your own, try to activate a personal alert system, reach a phone or try to get the attention of a neighbor or passer-by.
  • Later, think about what happened to prevent future injuries.